105 Degree Full Overlay Frameless Cabinet Hinge

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OPENING ANGLE: 105 Degree.
OVERLAY: Full Overlay.
CUP DIAMETER: 1-2/5”(35 mm)
CUP DEPTH: 1/2″(12.5 mm)
SUITABLE DOOR THICKNESS: 3/5″-1″(16 – 24 mm)
MATERIAL: Cold Rolled-Steel.
FINISH: Nickel Plated.
ADJUSTMENT: 2-way adjustable: Side(-3mm +1mm) and Depth(+3mm -1mm) (You can adjust the height of the door with adjustable screws’ holes of the plate during the installation) CABINET TYPE: Frameless.
BORE DISTANCE: 1/8″(3 mm)


Whether you’re replacing entire cabinets in the kitchen or installing all-new cabinet doors, you need proper hinges to make sure they open smoothly and efficiently every time. That’s why Berta created Full Overlay Frameless Cabinet Hinges to ensure they’re held in the correct position for many years. This hinge requires that the cup drilled in the back of your door is at least 13mm (1/2″ deep). Top hinges required a 12.5mm cup depth. We recommend that you measure the cup depth on your doors before ordering. Many cabinet makers used a 13mm cup depth even though the requirement was only 12.5mm so yours may already be drilled to 13mm. Each hinge uses FOUR each #6 flat head screws and screws are included

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